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Shout out to Marc Dennis and his young artists May 17, 2010

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DUMBO’s foundation is a group of artists who moved into the neighborhood a decade ago, back when nobody else saw much value in this industrial style section of BK hidden away under the Manhattan bridge and the East River. Now, with crowds of hipster photographers, young wall street families, and flea market shoppers, one can sometimes lose site of DUMBO’s roots as a refuge for upcoming artists.

This is why we have great respect for Marc Dennis. One of the original DUMBO crowd, a notable NYC artist, and a professor of art he is a champion of young artists. Every year, he brings a group of his senior students from Elmira College for a month  in DUMBO to mingle with the neighborhoods gallery curators, meet veteran artists, and get ready for the jump to the post college art world.

This past month we were pleased to once again host Marc’s young group. They were a pleasure to have at the Anchorage and we wish them all the best as they graduate this week.


One Response to “Shout out to Marc Dennis and his young artists”

  1. You have done it once more. Amazing post.

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