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New Artist in Town: TrustoCorp January 18, 2010

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Walking the dog on Friday I did a quick double-take when I saw this sign:

Curb Your God Street Art

This is one of the things we love most in DUMBO– the street art.  While things have changed a lot here over the past five years- Wall Streeters discovering our waterfront neighborhood, pop-up shops and galleries– we’re lucky to still have a strong artist community.  While the warehouses on Plymouth Street and 68 Jay Street may remain some of the few strong holds for the original DUMBO artists, we see the effects of this community throughout our little neighborhood.  DUMBO is blessed with a constant stream of innovative art, not just in the galleries, but in the streets where we often see some of the most interesting pieces.

This piece is by TrustoCorp who have left their mark around the neighborhood… and we like it.

Spot the TrustoCorp piece...

TrustoCorp leaves their mark around town (images from


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