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Floating Kabarette at Galapagos in DUMBO December 28, 2009

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This weekend we went down to the corner to check out the Floating Kabarette  at Galapagos Art Space.  Its an amazing space and aptly named.  A 1600 square foot indoor lake covers a large portion of the first floor, with seating available in circular island pods.  As self-proclaimed “cultural leaders in New York,” Galapagos doesn’t accept and kind of govt. grants or public funding, they believe the art should carry itself.

This particular show is part of an ongoing series.  If you come early the show is free, but as the night goes on and the show gets racier, the price starts to rise.

We took a few photos of our own, but then found these at Entwined Studio’s blog and thought we’d borrow them.

Take a look…

Bjorn, the host for the evening


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