The Anchorage

A creative escape in Brooklyn

The Anchorage January 28, 2009

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A place for those seeking a moment of stability intermingled with some creativity in Brooklyn, NY.

Where artists, friends, travelers, and all those with positive energy and good intentions could meet new people, express their thoughts, and lay their heads.

Come join us!

Stop by and pick up a book, a blank canvas and a cup of tea.
We also a range of spaces for rent hourly, daily, weekly or long term.


2 Responses to “The Anchorage”

  1. Ivy Lewis Says:

    Hi, I am interested in visiting NY but I have to squeeze it in during my vacation time (Im a Montessori Teacher’s Assistant) but all flights are so expensive during this time. If I can find nice housing, I will be taking the Amtrak. Arrival will be 2pm 12/25 and departure 2pm 12/28. These are the cheapest rate dates and it doesnt bother me at all to travel on Christmas. For the 26th it says you are all booked up but I thought it wouldnt hurt to send a msg anyway. If something can be arranged please email me. Thanks!

    • Hi Ivy! We hope that you are doing well. The Anchorage is closed Christmas day. We do have some space available on the 26th, 27th and 28th. The prices are a bit different as it is the holiday season. We have a room available for $60/night and another for $55/night. If you don’t mind sharing a room with fellow travelers, we have a hostel style room for $25/night per person. Unfortunately we generally don’t like to take reservations more then a month in advance. So, if you are still interested please feel free to contact us closer to the end of November. So in this case, November 25th. We look forward to hearing from you!
      With love + light,
      Morgane + Alexandra

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